End of Trial Declaration

The Clinical Trials Regulations require the sponsor to notify the ‘End of Trial’ to competent authorities (MHRA in the UK) and ethics committees of all member states concerned, within 90 days. The EudraCT Declaration of End of Trial Form (PDF, 26 KB) should be completed.

Definition of the End of Trial

Standard Operating Procedures for Research Ethics Committees (RECs) within the UK Health Departments’ Research Ethics Service provide guidance on requirements relating to the end of a trial:

“The definition of the conclusion of the research should be provided in the protocol and any change to this definition should be notified as a substantial amendment. The end of the research should be defined in relation to the collection of all data required to answer the research questions in the protocol. Where a clinical trial protocol requires follow-up monitoring and data collection to meet secondary or tertiary endpoints, the end of trial should be the final data capture rather than the last treatment visit.”

In the United States, the standard submission deadline for results information submitted to ClinicalTrials.gov is no later than 1 year after the study's primary completion date as described in 42 CFR 11.44(a) of the final rule.

Note: Many registries encourage the contemporaneous posting of interim results at the time of the analysis, in addition results from the final analysis.

Once the end of trial has been declared, no further substantial amendments are possible and a Clinical Trial Summary Report must be produced as detailed in the Clinical Trial Summary Report station.

For UK trials, the process for notification to the MHRA is detailed on their web pages. The HRA website offers guidance for reporting to the ethics committee. NHS R&D offices will also require notification in accordance with local policies/procedures.

For multi-national trials, the end of trial form should only be submitted when the trial has ended in all countries. However, the MHRA may be informed by letter/e-mail when the trial finishes in the UK which will signal the suspension of the annual service fee for maintaining the Clinical Trial Authorisation.

For non-CTIMP research, notification to the relevant ethics committee is required. The ‘Declaration of the End of Trial Form’ is available from the HRA website and should be used.

It is important to note that funders will not regard this as the end of the project and will require additional reporting and requirements. However, it is important to update them on developments and activities such as those listed above.