Trial Planning Phase

The Funding Secured station follows the Peer Review station and precedes the Trial Master File station. This process occurs in parallel with the Unique Trial Number, Confirm Sponsor, Feasibility & Investigator Selection, and Contracts and Agreements stations. Funding Secured is a standard process which is relevant to all trials. This station is part of the ‘trial planning phase’ group of stations.

If funding for a trial is required, it is important to consider that the process of applying and securing funding may take some time. This time should be factored into planning and related activities.

A wide range of bodies fund health and social care research and the HRA funding webpage provides information on a number of the key funding streams. It is recommended that the eligibility requirements of the precise funding scheme are checked before submitting an application, and many Funders offer resources to enable researchers to confirm suitability ‘in principle’ at an early stage.

Once you have received confirmation of a funding award from your Funder, they will require you to complete a number of requirements and activities before the trial can formally start. Some of these requirements will be covered in later Toolkit stations, and others will be specific to the Funder. It is important to stay in contact with the Funder at this stage, and provide a timely response to requests and keep them informed of developments and issues.